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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Manjiro (万次郎)| Japanese Dining | Otaru

If you want to eat Homemade type Japanese food at seasonal prices, how about "Manjiro (万次郎)" on the Sakaemachi Main Street (堺町本通り) in Otaru?

Look at the facade!
This is a typical Japanese dining!!

You must be surprised at the prices......
A grilled saury set (サンマ塩焼き定食) is only 650 yen!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Among the set menus above, I've found some attractive sets to me such as a seafood bowl 1 (宝箱)↓, and

a seafood bowl 2 (海鮮丼), which is only 850 yen!!!!

Let's enter it!
There are no young people!! Instantly I noticed this is a dining loved by local people!!!

After all, I ordered a seafood bowl set↓ It comes with miso soup which is very homemade type!!

How beautiful it is! Is This set only 850 yen, including salmon, squid, and sea urchin??

This is special sauce for the seafood bowl, a little bit sweet soy based saurce.

Pouring the sauce over the seafood, I enjoyed it! Yummy x 2!!!

Of course, I ordered a big portion (which is free of charge service during the lunch hours).

During the lunch hours, they also serve very reasonable lunch sets at the price of 500 yen!!!
You must go there!

■Where is "Manjiro (万次郎)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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