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Monday, April 15, 2013

Amewa Yasashiku (雨は、やさしく)| Ramen Restaurant | Sapporo

I've found a wonderful and unique ramen restaurant in Sapporo the other day. How exciting it is!
This is "Amewa Yasashiku (雨は、やさしく)" located in Atsubetsu Ward.

The restaurant is always packed with a lot of ramen lovers. The owner got some instructions from the owner of "Nanabei (菜々兵衛)", one of the charismatic ramen restaurants in Sapporo. Wow! Wow! Wow!
*If you are interested in "Nanabei (菜々兵衛)", please refer to my other post→click here!

Usually pork bone broth is used for ramen soup in Sapporo, but fish broth is used in this restaurant like soba!
The most recommendable ramen here is Miso (味噌), but I also wanted to order another flavor......

Tsuke men (つけ麺), ramen noodles accompanied by soup for dipping, sounds tasty↓ After eating noodles, the soup will be diluted with green tea......... It must be appetizing!!!

This is miso ramen. Looks unique, doesn't it?

The main topping is chicken liver paste, which makes the soup milder and tastier!!!

This is soy source-flavored ramen (醤油).

The minced kelp seaweed is a strong accent for the yummy yummy fish broth!

Both of the ramen have deep-fried burdock root↓, which is not usually used for a topping of ramen. Ideas of the owner is super wonderful!!!

The noodle has a very strong wheat flavor!!

As they don't use meat for broth, the soup tastes very Japanese, but not too Japanese like soba broth..... I'm sure this is a new type of ramen!!
 I'll be back in the near future to eat "Tsuke men (つけ麺)", too!!!

■Where is "Amewa Yasashiku (雨は、やさしく)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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