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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bräuhaus Onuma (ブロイハウス大沼)| Microbrewery | Onuma

When you come to Onuma Quasi Natinal Park (大沼国定公園), why don't you enjoy local beer, too? "Bräuhaus Onuma (ブロイハウス大沼)" is near JR Onuma Koen Station (JR大沼公園駅)↓

They brew three kinds of beer with mineral-rich alkali natural water beneath Mt. Yokotsu (横津山). Sounds wonderful!

First, we enjoyed "Kölsch(ケルシュ)", which was awarded the bronze prize in the Japan Asia Beer Cup 2012! This is top fermentation beer with 5% alcohol content, and has less bitter but fragrant aroma. Please enjoy this fine head, too! Cheers!

Next, we enjoyed "Altbier (アルト)".

This is also top fermentation beer with 5% alcohol content, but has sweet and bitter hop aroma. I love this rich taste!!!

Do you think we tried all kinds of beer here? Yes, of course!!! Hahaha!

This is "India Pale Ale (インディア・ペールエール), which was awarded the gold prize in the Japan Asia Beer Cup 2012! We have to try it!!

This is top fermentation beer with 8% alcohol content, and well-balanced between bitter and sweet aroma. I love it the best!

Well, well, well, the owner gave me the present↓ Thank you very much!

We really enjoyed "Onuma Craft Brewery (大沼ビール)" in Onuma Quasi National Park!

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