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Friday, November 09, 2012

Tsubuyaki Kadoya (つぶ焼 かど屋)| Grilled whelk and Ramen Restaurant | Kushiro

Kushiro is a fishing town, which has a lot of delicious seafood restaurants. Today I'll show you "Tsubuyaki Kadoya (つぶ焼 かど屋)", a grilled tsubu (or whelk) restaurant↓

I love this cozy atmosphere! Actually the chef is so friendly that I always enjoy conversation with him along with his delicious food.

The menu is very simple: grilled whelk, ramen, and drinks. That's it! Yes, the two dishes are so delicious that they don't have to serve other dishes to attract customers.


Look at the grilled whelk! Looks very appetizing, doesn't it?

Here comes this very delicious local shellfish.

The yummy x 2 soup is filled with the seashells↓, which is very hot hot hot, and very delicious!! Be careful when you eat it. Don't burn your mouth with the hot soup!

This is the inside! Looks gross, but tastes perfect!! I really recommend you to eat it when you come to Hokkaido!

The other popular dish here is this ramen↓ The soup looks very dense, but actually it is not.

The thin noodles are one of the characteristics of Kushiro ramen (釧路ラーメン).

This pork fillet is very tender! I love it!!

Well, well, well, let't go to the second round! Kushiro has a lot of wonderful restaurants!!

■Where is "Tsubuyaki Kadoya (つぶ焼 かど屋)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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