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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kushiro Ramen Kawamura (釧路ラーメン河むら)| Ramen Restaurant | Kushiro

Kushiro (釧路), located in the eastern part of Hokkaido, is one of the famous ramen cities. Today I'll show you one of the most popular ramen restaurants in the city, "Kushiro Ramen Kawamura (釧路ラーメン河むら)".
They have several their branches, but this main restaurant (釧路本店) located in downtown Kushiro is the best↓

Let's enter it!

What is Kushiro ramen like, anyway? The typical Kushiro ramen is very thin and wavy ramen noodles with soy-sauce flavored soup whose broth is manly from seafood.

This is the menu. They serve several types of ramen, but if you haven't tried Kushiro ramen, I definitely recommend soy-sauce flavored ramen(醤油ラーメン)↓

Don't forget the side dishes!! They are also very recommendable!

This is soy sauce-flavored ramen↓ Looks very simple, but well-balanced with each other!!!

One of the topping is the roasted pork. They make not very tender char ciu, so that we can enjoy the meat texture itself.

The bamboo shoot is very thinly sliced like this↓ It goes well with the seafood-based soup and thin noodles.

The minced green onion is also a great accent for ramen. Yes, the toppings are very simple, but very sophisticated!

Look at the very thin wavy noodles! Yummy x 2!!!!

Don't forget the side dish! This is Butameshi (豚めし) or pork bowl. Finely-minced roasted pork and green onions are mixed with mayonnaise, and special soy-based sauce is added to it.

Personally, I really love it! Whatever I eat ramen, I'm sure to order it! It is super-delicious!!

This ramen restaurant is open until 2 PM, and I recommend to go there after drinking, too!

■Where is "Kushiro Ramen Kawamura (釧路ラーメン河むら)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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