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Friday, November 02, 2012

Yotsuba White Cozy (よつ葉ホワイトコージ) | Ice cream Stand | New Chitose AP

The New Chitose Airport (新千歳空港) has a lot of delicious ice cream stands because Hokkaido is very famous for its dairy! Today I'll show you "Yotsuba White Cozy (よつ葉ホワイトコージ)"↓

Look at the wide variety of menu!! Which should I choose? Hahaha!

"Parfait with Four Kinds of Berries (4種のベリー&ベリーのパフェ)" is the most popular parfait in this stand, but I ordered ..............

"Parfait with Hokkaido Ebisu Pumpkin and Azuki Bean Jam (道産えびすかぼちゃとあずきのパフェ)", because it is a seasonal limited item from the 22nd of September to the 31st of October!

Why is their ice cream delicious? It says that ①the milk is form Tokachi district, which is famous for its milk, ②fat in the ice cream is 100% from milk, and ③it is shipped at the temperature of less than 10% in order not to damage the milk flavor. That's why..............

Very cute stand, isn't it?

Voila! Here comes the pumpkin and azuki parfait!!

The soft ice cream is topped with bean jam and pumpkin paste produced in Tokachi district! Sounds yummy x 2, doesn't it? Actually the area is famous for its beans, too!

It is very milky!! Would you like to eat it? (Yes!!)
Yotsuba (よつ葉) is a dairy company based in Tokachi district, loved by a lot of local people.

Look at the body! It has some dices of castella or cake, which is a little bit sweet.

Just for reference, if you want to eat high-grade castella, I recommend "Hokkaido Milk Castella (北海道牛乳カステラ)" at the same airport.

The cake is super yummy x 2!!! It is not too sweet, and please eat it with non-sugar fresh cream. Actually this is my favorite sweets!

They also serve a delicious parfait.

If you like sweet cake and want to order one from a lot of choices, I recommend "Yotsuba White Cozy (よつ葉ホワイトコージ)", while if you want to enjoy flavors of each high-grade ingredient, I recommend "Hokkaido Milk Castella (北海道牛乳カステラ)" although their menu is limited.
(* If you are interested in "Hokkaido Milk Castella (北海道牛乳カステラ)", please refer to my other post→)

"Yotsuba White Cozy (よつ葉ホワイトコージ)" is on the second floor, and "Hokkaido Milk Castella (北海道牛乳カステラ)" is on the third floor of the New Chitose AP.

■Tour guide information■
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