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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kyomibou (蕎味坊)| Soba Restaurant | Ebetsu/ Sapporo

I love soba noodles. Today I'll show you "Kyomibou (蕎味坊)", one of my favorite soba restaurant located in Ebetsu↓

Autumn is the soba season, when we can enjoy newly-harvested very fragrant noodles!!

Let's enter it!

When I come here, I always order hot and cold soba, because both of them has the different flavors even though the ingredients are the same.

They serve smaller portions. You may order oomori (大盛り) or big portions if you want to eat a lot like me. Hahaha!

This is hot kashiwa tempura soba (かしわ天ぷらそば) whose topping are various from prawns to vegetables!

How about cold soba with tempura (えび天そば)?

Look at the shinny soba, which has distinctive soba aroma!!!

Soba should be swallowed without a lot of chewing in order to enjoy the sensation of soba going down the throat and the scent of buckwheat flour.

Don't forget the yummy x 2 tempura!!

The kuruma prawn (車エビ) is very huge!!!

Last but not least, we enjoyed sobayu (そば湯), or hot water left in the pot after soba has been boiled.

This soba shop will move from Ebetsu to Sapporo city on the 25th of this month. I should go to the new restaurant!!!

■Where is "Kyomibou (蕎味坊)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Hokkaido has a lot of attractions! Plz come here, and enjoy wonderful dishes!!

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