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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Restaurant Tancho (レストランたんちょう)| Western-style Restaurant | Tanacho Kushiro AP

I'm now in "Tanacho Kushiro Airport (たんちょう釧路空港)" located in the eastern part of Hokkaido!

It takes less than 40 minutes from Chitose Airport to Kushiro Airport! How convenient it is!!! It is shorter than travelling hours from Chitose AP to Sapporo! Hahaha!!

Tancho means red crested cranes in Japanese. The special national monuments can bee seen around this area!

If you're hungry, let't go to the third floor!!

There are two restaurants on the floor. One of them is "Hokuto (北斗)", a Japanese restaurant.

Their ramen and salmon bowl are very good.

How about "Restaurant Tancho (レストランたんちょう)", a Western-style restaurant?

Let me check the food samples

Wow! Wow! Wow! How huge the prawn fries are!!!

I've decided this restaurant for lunch!

Isn't it wonderful to enjoy airplanes while eating something delicious?

This is a part of the menu............... Let me see................

This is one of the popular dishes here. It is called "Supakatsu (スパカツ)", which means spaghetti and pork cutlet. Yummy x 2!!

But I ordered a "deep-fried prawn set (海老フライ定食)"↓

Because they are so huge!!!!

I really love Kushiro, which is blessed with a lot of delicious marine products!!!

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