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Monday, November 12, 2012

Kuidokoro Sakebanya (喰処 鮭番屋)| Seafood BBQ Restaurant | Kushiro

If you want to eat fresh seafood early in the morning in Kushiro, how about "Kuidokoro Sakebanya (喰処 鮭番屋)"?

This is a seafood BBQ restaurant, and

we can enjoy fresh seafood such as squid, Pacific saury, and salmon caught off Kushiro (釧路).

Look at the variety of choices; dried fish to ...................

alive seafood in the fish tank such as scallops and oysters.

Grill over charcoal fire, and fish flavor increases dramatically!

Actually I ordered seafood bowls↓ Which do you like the best? I love all of them; shrimps, salmon roe, and Tokisake salmon (時鮭)................., and surprisingly or naturally I ate all of them! Hahaha!

We can choose the size of rice! I think this is a good idea! Because like me, some people want to eat a lot, or can order some small-sized seafood bowls at the same time!!

Until the dishes were served, I was relaxed, drinking free tea .................

Voila! This is a shrimp and salmon roe bowl (えび・いくら丼)↓

Look at the plump, succulent shrimp! Yummy x 2!!

The roe is from the freshly-caught salmon in this season! Perfect!

This is a Tokisake salmon bowl (とき丼)↓

They use only Tokisake salmon caught with a fixed netting off Kushiro. How high the quality is!!

 The seafood bowls come with miso soup.

I love this fishing town!!!

The operation time of this restaurant is from 7:30 to 14:00. Wonderful, isn't it? It takes 20 minutes from JR Kushiro station to this restaurant on foot.

■Where is "Kuidokoro Sakebanya (喰処 鮭番屋)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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