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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Restaurant Izumiya (レストラン泉屋) | Kushiro

Kushiro reminds a lot of young people supakatsu (スパカツ), which is so popular that MOS BURGER serves Supakatusu Burger for a limited period now!

Let's go to a restaurant serving the most delicious supakatsu!!
This is "Restaurant Izumiya (レストラン泉屋)"↓

All of their dishes are delicious and large in quantity!

Let's enter it!

Local people around us ordered dishes other than supakatsu, but as I cannot come to Kushiro so often, I ordered supakatsu, of course!!!

This is spakatsu!! Yes, supakatsu means spaghetti and cutlet!! Because it is very hot, the sauce is overflowing from the iron plate!!

Because it is very hot, the steam from the dish mists over the camera lens!!!

Look at the volume! Perfect!!!

I love this juicy cutlet!!

Baked spaghetti on the very hot iron plate goes well with this rich and delicious meat sauce! Yummy x 2!!

Except Supakatsu, how about an A set? It is included with hamburger steakspaghetti, salad, crab croquette, gratin, and............

pilaff! Do you have any idea how much it is?

The set is only 1,200 yen!!! How reasonable it is!!!!

Personally, I recommend a D set↓ 

Look at this very tender beef!!!! You don't need to use a knife to cut it! Hahaha!

Wow! Wow! Wow! The set comes with this doria.

It's very creamy, and yummy x 2!!!

I really recommend the cheap but very delicious dishes in this restaurant!!

■Where is "Restaurant Izumiya (レストラン泉屋)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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