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Sunday, November 04, 2012

KAMADO MARUYAMA (竈円山)| Hamburger Steak Restaurant | Sapporo

Do you know Japanese Shorthorn (短角牛)? It's a rare brand beef whose red meat is very delicious. If you want to try it, I recommend "KAMADO MARUYAMA (竈円山)"↓

All of their ingredients including Japanese shorthorn and vegetables are produced in Hokkaido. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? They serve very delicious hamburger steak grilled on kamado oven, not a pan.

Look at the menu! There are a lot of options about the sauce; from several types of cheese, red wine to wasabi sauce..................

Well, well, well................
Cheers!!! I love sparkling wine!

We ordered a set B including appetizer, salad, bread, soup, main, drink, and dessert. This is the appetizer.

The salad is very fresh!!!

Today's soup was asari clam chower with corn. After eating the half,

we added Chinese red chili oil to it. One bit, and multiple taste. Hahaha!

The bread was served. That means we will soon have the main!!!

Here comes the wood plate! I cannot wait!!!

Wearing a paper apron, we were so ready! Hahaha!

I ordered a "hamburger steak and grilled freshwater prawn with tomato cream sauce (手長海老とサロマ産ルッコラのトマトクリームソース)" set. Look at the rocket produced in Saroma, Hokkaido. It was also great!!

As the red meat is delicious, I ordered it rare! They don't use onions nor bread for the hamburger steak. Yes, this is made 100% of Japanese shorthorn.

First, the chef poured shorthorn juice, and then tomato cream sauce over it.

Furthermore, he sprinkled cheese over it! This is super-delicious!

This is "hauberger steak with cheese fondue sauce (竈特製ブレンドのチーズフォンデュソース)".Personally I recommend their cheese sauce!

We were so hungry that we also ordered beef stronganoff, which were simmered for more than four hours. Of cause they use shorthorn for it.
As shorthorn is less fatty and tastier, we could eat three portions!!! Hahaha!

Cheers, again.

Last but not least, we enjoyed panna cotta.

■Where is "KAMADO MARUYAMA (竈円山)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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