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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Indonesian Soup & Soup Curry Asian Bar RAMAI (ラマイ札幌中央店)| Sapporo

I'm now working with Indonesian guests.
As they said, "We're fed up with Japanese food", we took them to "Asian Bar RAMAI (ラマイ札幌中央店)", an Indonesian curry restaurant so that I hope they feel relaxed in the cozy atmosphere although their food and interiors are not authentic Indonesian ones.

The restaurant is like this↓
Very interesting!!They are from Indonesia. They pointed out that the restaurant is 80% correct, saying, for example, the attire the staff is wearing is actually pajamas in their country and so on........ I've learned a lot about their country....

This is the menu↓
If I went there without them, I would order a different curry. But based on their advise, I ordered something new.....

This is the biggest rice named "Kintamani (キンタマーニ)".
I was soooooooooooo surprised at the size and the name!!!
As they are not teenagers, I told them what kin○○ma means in Japanese..... Then they were soooooooooo surprised at the meaning in Japanese! Hahaha!

This is a regular size rice, just for reference.....

This is coco ramai (ココラマイ)↓, a special ramai with additional coco milk.
I love it! It is only 200 yen!!! Unbelievable!!!

We enjoyed something Indonesian and Sapporo.
Actually soup curry is one of the most popular local cuisines in Sapporo.

This is beef curry with "Tahu Goreng (タフゴレン)", deep-fired tofu. They said this is a popular curry topping in their country. I didn't know that!!! 

This is chicken curry with cheese. I think this is a safer choice! Hahaha!

I tried "Buhi (ブヒッ)"↓ Do you know what buhi means?

It means thinly sliced pork

We had a wonderful and beneficial time at the restaurant!!

■Where is "Asian Bar RAMAI (ラマイ札幌中央店)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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