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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ristorante Kaoru (レストランテ 薫)| Italian Restaurant | Ebetsu (江別)

I've found a wonderful Italian restaurant in Ebetsu.
This is "Ristorante Kaoru (レストランテ 薫)", not located on the main street, and easy to miss it. Please be careful!

The secret restaurant has only four tables, and you should make a reservation in advance!
Time passes very slowly here. There are no noisy kids, or housewives, neither. Wonderful, isn't it?

This is a 1,500 yen course.
(If you want to order a 3,500 yen course, you should make a reservation at least one day before your visit day)

The focaccia is homemade and yummy x 2!!!

Look a the salmon, scallop, and asari clam↓, which are cooked at a low temperature.

The soup is not too rich, enhancing the seafood flavor itself!

All of them are heated properly, and appetizing!!!

This is today's pasta.
The Berkshire pork produced in Niikappu (新冠) is very tender and tastes deep!!

Next time, I'll order a 3,500 yen course!!!!
I'm so sad that I've missed their main dish today!!!!

This is today's dessert; mascarpone cheese cake and chestnut ice cream.

As I don't take caffeine, I ordered pineapple vinegar juice. How healthy it is!

I love everything in this restaurant; service, dishes, atmosphere, and smiles of the staff. They choose best ingredients produced in Hokkaido very carefully.
I'm sure I'll be back!

■Where is "Ristorante Kaoru (レストランテ 薫)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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K.K. said...

Thank you very much!

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