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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

steak and wine Ishizaki (いしざき)| Steak Restaurant | Susukino (すすきの)

If you'd like to try Ezo Tajimaushi (えぞ但馬牛), a brand beef, I recommend "steak and wine Ishizaki (いしざき)" located in Susukino (すすきの)↓

You don't know Ezo Tajimaushi.... Oh! Oh! Oh!
It is a same kind of beef as Kobe beef. The calves are raised in Hokkaido, shipped to Kobe, and become Kobe beef finally. Now you understand how delicious Ezo Tajimaushi is!

This is an appetizer.

I love garlic!

This is Chateaubriand and sirloin steak of Ezo Tajimaushi. I really recommend you to try both of them, and compare with each other!!

It is very appetizing..... I cannot wait!!

Two kinds of sauce and salt are served↓, and I always use salt mainly to enjoy meat itself very well.

Fist we enjoyed Hokkaido potato with Hokkaido butter. Hokkaido is famous for its delicious dairy products and vegetables, too.

We're all ready! Hahaha!

The spinach absorbs delicious meat juice......

Here you go!
This is Chateaubriand steak. It is very difficult to find appropriate words to express about it..... We were in the steak heaven!!!

Eating bean sprouts, we were waiting another steak......

This is sirloin steak!! How juicy it is!!!

I ordered it rare!
How perfect the meat is!
If I were born again, I would be the bread under the steak! Hahaha!

Actually I love the fat part, too!!

Last but not least, we enjoyed THE bread.

We had a wonderful night in Susukino!

■Where is "steak and wine Ishizaki (いしざき)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Mel Chan said...

Can you tell me how much does this steak cost?

I went to Kobe last year & tried the beef. It's heaven, though my wallet screamed out pain, lol.

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