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Saturday, January 04, 2014

SPA&INN THE MAPLE LODGE (スパ・イン メープルロッジ)| Iwamizawa (岩見座)

If you want to stay at a homey and cozy inn in a remote area, but not far away from Sapporo, how about "SPA&INN THE MAPLE LODGE (スパ・イン メープルロッジ)" located in Iwamizawa?

This is a common space.....

About 1,000 pieces of woods are used for the lodge.... How comfortable it is!!!

Let's go to a room!!

The wall is made of red ciders.

As the number of rooms is limited here, you can enjoyed a peaceful atmosphere.......

Actually we enjoyed stars through the skylight.... How romantic it is!!

If you like the nature, this lodge is perfect, isn't is?

 Let's go to "BIG LODGE", a lodge restaurant!!

I enjoyed local red wine first. Cheers!!

The dishes are like these↓ I love local ingredients such as ........ 

 onions and potatoes for the soup, and tender beef.......

We had a wonderful time.....

At the New Year's Eve, they also serve soba (年越しそば) for the guests...... Wonderful, isn't it?

As there is a small shrine by the lodge, you can pay your first visit to the shrine from here. It takes only 30 seconds from the room. Hahaha! We enjoyed their special New Year service here.
(If you're interested in the local shrine, please visit my other blog→)

Let's enjoy the hot spring, too! 

The water is alkaline, making your skin very smooth.....

It is dubbed as spring water for beauty......
This spa is not crowded (when I went there, there were a few other guests here) and we can relax from the bottom of our heart!!!
Actually famous spas on travel guide books have high quality of hot spring, but are usually packed with a lot of guests, and we cannot feel unstained completely.....

Look at the Swedish sauna!

After enjoying the sauna......

you can enjoy the natural spring water bath (14C). Perfect, isn't it?

Last but not least, the shop at the lodge has local foods such as onion sticks, and

bread baked at "Miltokoppe (ミルトコッペ)", a popular bakery located in a mountainous area in the city.

Yummy x 2!!!

Jam and dips produced at NORTH FARM STOCK are sold here, too!!!
(If you are interested in NORTH FARM STOCK, please refer to my other blog→

I love this lodge very much!!

■Where is "SPA&INN THE MAPLE LODGE (スパ・イン メープルロッジ)"? 

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■Tour guide information■
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