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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Kusunoki (鮮肴味旬 楠)| Seafood Izakaya | Susukino (すすきの)

After enjoying Ezo Tajimaushi steak (see the details→), we went to "Kusunoki (鮮肴味旬 楠)" to enjoy seasonable seafood!

I love an individual room.....

I enjoyed wine and beer in the previous restaurant, we ordered sake

I really really recommend cod white roe (たちポン)in the winter time. This is very milky and mild! I love it!

As this restaurant is famous for goosefish (あんこう) dish, I ordered goosefish liver! Yummy x 2!!!

I also love herring and its roe (鰊切りこみ)↓, which goes well with sake!!

We almost forgot why we came here!
We wanted to eat a delicious seafood bowl! How about "Kusunoki bowl (くすのき丼)"?

This is THE special seafood bowl!

Look at the toppings; salmon roe and abalone!!! I especially love abalone's liver at the center!!!

Sea urchin is served separately, and put on the top by ourselves!!!
Do you know how much it is? It is only 3,000 yen!! A good buy, isn't is??

We enjoyed delicious seafood here in Susukino (すすきの).

■Where is "Kusunoki (鮮肴味旬 楠)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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