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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kokuichiban Ramen Midoriya (こく一番ラーメン みどりや)| Ramen Restaurant | Sapporo

When you come to Mt. Moiwa, why don't you drop by "Kokuichiban Ramen Midoriya (こく一番ラーメン みどりや)", a very popular ramen restaurant especially for big eaters like me↓

This restaurant is located by "Ropeway Iriguchi station (ロープウェイ入口)", and it's easy to find it.

Let's enter it!
Yes!! Their ramen is popular especially for men....
(If you finish reading this post, you'll understand the reason why a lot of young men often come here.!)

What should I order?

The pandas are so cute in the tatami-floored seating area! Hahaha!!

There two kinds of chopstick bags...... Why?

"Katsu Taisho (かつ大将)" is next to this ramen restaurant, and we can also eat their delicious curry and rice with cutlet. Naturally I ordered............

THE curry and rice!!
The breaded pork cutlet is very juicy and yummy x 2!!

This is miso ramen (味噌ラーメン)↓
Personally I recommend miso the best among all kinds of ramen served here.

The bowl is so big that you can get really full!!

The char siu is so tender that you don't need to bite it!!

The diced meet on the top has different texture! Perfect!

The ramen must make you hungry! Hahaha!

The broth is not so rich that you can drink it up!

This is fried rice (チャーハン)↓, the most delicious dish in the restaurant. I guess more than half of the guests coming here order it!
Well, well, well........
There is a big surprise here! It comes with so-called "soup".....

Did I make a mistake? I did say it comes with "soup"......!

Actually "soup" means in this restaurant "ramen"!
When you order fried rice, it comes with half-sized ramen! How wonderful it is!!!

If you want to order something different, how do you like curry ramen?

I recommend a ramen and gyoza dumpling (餃子) set, too!

I'm sure you've already be a big fan of this ramen restaurant!!

■Where is "Kokuichiban Ramen Midoriya (こく一番ラーメン みどりや)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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