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Thursday, January 02, 2014

LUCKY PIERROT (ラッキーピエロ)| Hamburger Shop | Hakodate (函館)

"LUCKY PIERROT (ラッキーピエロ)" is a very famous local hamburger shop, which can be seen only in Hakodate area↓

They serve a wide variety of hamburgers, curry, omelet and so on.....

Among them, "Chinese Chicken Hamburger (チャイニーズチキンバーガー)" is the most popular and delicious hamburger in this shop! It's got the gold award in the "Hamburger Fan Association Competition (ハンバーガー愛好会 金賞受賞)". Amazing, isn't it?

THE hamburger is consist of deep-fried chicken with a little bit sweet soy sauce, lettuce, and mayonnaise. Yummy x 2!!!

How about "Chinese Cihcken Curry (チャイニーズチキンカレー)", which is the most popular dish in the Santa Curry 9 section?
I always try something the most popular and delicious! Hahaha!

This time, I tried something new...... I'm sure you must be surprised..... I mean nice surprise......
Look at this↓
"THE FUTOSSHO HAMBURGER (フトッチョバーガー)", meaning fatty hamburger, is the most tallest hamburger in the world. Sounds perfect to me!!!

I took it easy in the shop for a while....
Well, something strange....... They've served hamburgers for other guests with the smaller numbered tickets.
I just thought it takes longer time to make the hamburger I ordered....

Wow! Wow! Wow!
A shop clerk is coming to me with a huge hamburger, ringing a bell very loudly!!!!! Obviously the hamburger is what I ordered..... When she reaches my table, saying, "Best wishes for your continued good health and happiness. Please do your best to eat it up!"........ How interesting experience it is!
Look at this↓
How huge and appetizing it is!!!

It has a large amount of lettuce, sunny-side up in the top part. When you see the bottom part,

it has two pieces of patty, a croquette, thickly-sliced tomato, minced onion, cheese and so on....

Every part is soooooooooooooooo delicious that I was able to eat it up easily! Hahaha!
They serve delicious desserts, too.

■Cheese Cake↓

■Strawberry Cake↓

■Baked Cheese Cake↓

When you come to Hakodate, please find this sign! They have several branches in the city.

I'm not sure everybody can eat up the "Futoccho Hamburger", the large special hamburger, but I'm sure you can enjoy their delicious hamburgers there!

■Where is "LUCKY PIERROT (ラッキーピエロ)" near JR Hakodate Station?

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■Tour guide information■
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