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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yumoto Takubokutei (湯元 啄木亭)|Hot Spring Hotel|Hakodate (函館)

When you come to Hakodate, staying at a hotel in a downtown is wonderful to go around, but if you want to enjoy hot spring, I recommend Yunokawa (湯の川), 15 minutes away from the central Hakodate.
This is "Yumoto Takubokutei (湯元 啄木亭)" in the famous hot spring area.

As we visited here at the New Year, it was decorated with special ornaments like this↓

This is a room I used this time. Not bad, isn't it?

The main attraction here is hot spring, and I'll show it to you later. First, I'll introduce dinner and lunch venues to you. (This is a standard hotel, and don't expect too much about the meals)
We chose the buffet for dinner↓

They serve sushi,

beef and pork steaks,

local sashimi,

seafood and pork pot dishes, and so on.

The pot dishes can be cooked on the table by ourselves. Yummy x 2!!

This is a breakfast venue.

Don't take a seat in the (fake) Mediterranean-style space....

I recommend a table near a Japanese garden!!!! The trees are covered with snow and how romantic it is!!

We mainly enjoyed fresh vegetables as well as

local seafood.

Thank you for your patience. Finally I'll introduce their hot spring to you!!

This is outdoor hot spring!!! The water is  blessed with salt, good for our health, and

transparent like this↓
Other than this outdoor hot spring, they have large indoor hot spring. I took hot spring five times during our stay here!!!

From the roof top outdoor hot spring, we can see the ocean,

and downtown Hakodate.

I recommend hot spring in this area with several types of hot spring hotels from standard ones like this to high-graded Japanese inns.

■Where is "Yumoto Takubokutei (湯元 啄木亭)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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