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Friday, January 31, 2014

Jyozankei Grand Hotel (定山渓グランドホテル)| Room with Hot Spring | Sapporo

We enjoyed hot spring at "Jyozankei Grand Hotel (定山渓グランドホテル)" in Jyozankei (定山渓), a famous hot spring area, 40 minutes away from downtown Sapporo.

Guess what?
I stayed at a room with private hot spring!! How wonderful it is!!! Look at the room.

The sofa is large enough for me to relax....

Except the Western room, I have a Japanse room, too!! Wow! Wow! Wow!!

I really love the outdoor hot spring! As my room has private hot spring, I can take it whenever I want to. Actually I enjoyed it four times during our stay.
(Just for reference, the hotel has large outdoor and indoor hot spring for all guests, too, and my guests from Indonesia prefer the big ones.)

The water contains a lot of natural salt, making my skin very smooth.....

 Dinner time!!
(The breakfasat buffet is not good, unfortunately.... and I omit to show the pics.... Hahaha!)

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a dinning place at the hotel.

They have Japanese tatami rooms and

table area. Which do you prefer???

The restaurant has a drinking bar, and I love it!

Let's get started!

Hokkaido remind my guests of king crabs! Yummy x 2!!

The trout is appropriately fatty and goes well with sake!

We also enjoyed fresh local seafood such as tuna, sea bream, whelk, and Jumbo shrimp (ボタンエビ).

If you love Japanese set dishes, you must love all of them!



 After dinner, we enjoyed fireworks display from hotel rooms!!



Isn't it wonderful to enjoy fireworks while lying down on a sofa at a room?

We really had a wonderful time in Jyozankei (定山渓), Sapporo.

■Where is "Jyozankei Grand Hotel (定山渓グランドホテル)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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