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Friday, January 03, 2014

Milk Garden (ミルクガーデン)| Dairy Cafe | Ebetsu

In Machimura Farm (町村農場) in Ebetsu, "Milk Garden (ミルクガーデン)", a new dairy cafe, was opened on April 21st, and we visited there this weekend! (Detailed information on Machimura Farm? Please refer to my other post→)

Wow! Wow! Wow! Although it is located at the edge of the city, a lot of people are waiting for their delicious sweets and ice cream!!! Let's enter it!

Ice cream and dairy products made by Machimura Farm is very delicious and milky. We looked around the shop and cafe, and found...................

cheese, butter, and............

Look at these!!! they produce unique kinds of cream cheese such as blueberry, black pepper, salami, and Mascarpone cheese flavors. We fully enjoyed trying the samples!! Hahaha! 

Personally I recommend the "Dounut Rusk (ドーナツラスク)"↓ and ...........

the "Yogurt Jam (特製たべるヨーグルト)"↓, which goes well with bread!!!

What should we order for afternoon snacks?

Doughnuts look very yummy!! Actually they are so popular that some of the flavors were already sold out!

Cakes and parfait sounds perfect.......................

After order your desserts, let's go upstairs, and

eat them on the second floor!

These are what I ordered! Looks very yummy, right?

This is "Sesame Parfait (ごまパフェ)"!

Have you ever tried their soft ice cream? It is so milky that you may feel you are eating frozen high-quality milk!
This super-delicious ice cream goes well with the cake, rice flour dumping, and cereal, all of which are not too sweet!! Yummy x 2!!!

This sesame sauce is also not too sweet and very recommendable!

How do you like the "Berry Berry Parfait (ベリーベリーパフェ)"?

The two kinds of berries makes the delicious ice cream more appetizing!!!!

Another dessert I ordered is a doughnut with soft ice cream! This freshly deep-fried fluffy doughnut is covered with cream cheese and Gouda cheese.

I ordered soft ice cream on the top!
This doughnut ice cream dessert is so delicious that we should come back here to try other combinations! They serve several kinds of doughnuts and soft ice cream!!!

How about a chocolat doughnut with..............

soft ice cream??? More than perfect!!

If you like cheese cake, you must love the "Unbaked Yogurt Cheese Cake with Soft Ice Cream (ヨーグルトレアチーズケーキソフト)"!!!

From the second floor, we can enjoy rural landscape like this↓ We have still some snow around here, but in May to September, this field will be covered with vivid green grasses and plants!!

When you come here in the winter time, it is very romantic

See?? I like this atmosphere!!

■Where is "Milk Garden (ミルクガーデン)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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