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Monday, January 20, 2014

Ramen Shin (拉麺 Shin) | Ramen Restaurant | Sapporo

If you want to try delicious soy sauce-flavored ramen (醤油ラーメン) in Sapporo, I recommend "Ramen Shin (拉麺 Shin)"↓

Sapporo is famous for its miso-flavored ramen (味噌ラーメン), but please forget about the stereotype when you come to the restaurant!!!

Just for reference, this is their miso↓. It's OK, but their soy sauce is much much better and recommendable!!! Please believe me!!

This is soy sauce-flavored ramen (醤油らぅめん)↓, the most popular ramen in this restaurant!!

The broth is made mainly of small dried sardine (にぼし), which has distinctive aroma! Yummy x 2!!

The noodles are not very curly, and go well with seafood soup!!

The char siu is appropriately seasoned and appetizing!!!

Personally, I love a side dish rather than ramen here! Are you interested in the yummy yummy dish?

This is Soboro Bowl (月見そぼろ), a bowl of rice topped with minced char siu and york!! Perfect combination, isn't is?
You cannot leave this restaurant without ordering it! Hahaha!

■Where is "Ramen Shin (拉麺 Shin)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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