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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Uchuken (宇宙軒)| Ramen Restaurant | Iwamizawa (岩見沢)

I love ramen very much. After enjoying snowboarding, we went to "Uchuken (宇宙軒)", a very popular ramen restaurant in Iwamizawa (岩見沢), one hour away from Sapporo.
Look at the New Year ornament↓ How auspicious it is!!!

Let me see.... What should I order????

I decided one, but I really want to eat something different, too........

This is "Char Siu Ramen with sliced leek (ねぎみそチャーシューメン)"↓, the most popular ramen in this restaurant!
Please enjoy the char siu flower↓ It is now in full bloom!! How marvelous it is!!

It is very tender, and we enjoyed it from the bottom of our heart!!!

The noodles are made at Nishiyama Seimen (西山製麺), one of the most popular ramen noodle companies in Hokkaido. Yummy x 2!!!

The soup is not too rich, and you can drink it up easily!!! Hahaha!

Just for reference, this is "Seafood Chanpon (五目浜ちゃんポン)". If you love seafood, you must love it! Topping includes scallops, wakame seaweed, crabs, squid, and so on.... Perfect!!

When you come to Iwamizawa, why don't you try their delicious ramen?

■Where is "Uchuken (宇宙軒)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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