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Friday, January 03, 2014

Aozuka Shokudou (民宿 青塚食堂)| Seafood Restaurant | Otaru

There are a lot of recommendable seafood restaurants in Otaru, and "Aozuka Shokudou (民宿 青塚食堂)" is one of them, serving very fresh seafood, and located near Panorama Observatory (パノラマ展望台).

Look at the ocean just in front of the restaurant! How beautiful it is!

Let's enter it!
Wow! Wow! Wow! It is always packed with a lot of seafood lovers like this↓

One of the attractions there is their cooking style. We can enjoy fresh seafood cooked in front of us! How yummy it is!

There are a lot of seafood dishes served in this restaurant, and one of my guests ordered............

a "grilled squid set special (イカ焼き定食スペシャル)"↓ The squid is really juicy and recommendable!!

The other guest ordered a "grilled Hakkaku rockfish set special (八角焼き定食スペシャル)". Hakkaku is local fish caught off Otaru area only. Sounds very Hokkaido, doesn't it?

They also shared this seafood bowl named "Hokkai bowl (北海丼)", which has salmon roe, scallop, and seasoned hearing topped on the rice. Great choice, isn't it?

I ordered a "fresh scallop bowl set (生ホタテ丼)".

As it is very fresh, we can eat everything in the shell as sashimi (or raw)!!! I love this really big and thick local scallop!! 

This is a "Atka Mackerel set (ホッケ定食)"↓
The fish is loved by local people, because it is very fatty, and goes well with beer.

Do you like whelk (つぶ), a local shellfish?

If you love sea urchin (うに), how about a "salmon and sea urchin bowl (サーモンうに丼)"?

Yummy x 2!!!

Don't miss a giant abalone!!!

I really love channel rockfish (キンキ), too↓ This is the king of the grilled fish!!

Don't forget assorted sashimi (刺身盛り合わせ)?

How do you like the restaurant? You must love it!

■Where is "Aozuka Shokudou (民宿 青塚食堂)?

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■Tour guide information■
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Anonymous said...

is there a public bus from otaru st to this restaurant?

K.K. said...

Please take a bus bound for Otaru Aquarium! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thank you. Will do and looking to it

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