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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Favorite Gelato Shop "Lake-Hill・Farm (レイクヒルファーム)" near Lake Toya

Near a beautiful lake, Lake Toya, in Hokkaido, JAPAN,

There is my favorite gelato shop, "Lake-Hill・Farm".

In the summer time, the flower garden in front of the shop is beautiful↓

Well, let's enter the shop! They have a lot of milk cows and use fresh milk for their gelato!
Look at the variety!

The ice cream menu is depending on the season, but averagely 18 to 20 flavors are available here.

For example..............
W cream, vanilla, apple, mille-feuille, chocolate chip, cookie & cream, cream cheese, coffee, red perilla, blueberry, blue salt (rock salt), chocolate, white kidney bean, green tea, pumpkin, sesame, rum-soaked raisin, corn and so on.

I recommend all of the ice cream, but blue salt ice cream is my favorite!

BTY, there is a cafe next to the ice cream shop and you can enjoy making ice cream from the very fresh ingredients!

We can make waffles as a container for ice cream!

Looks very delicious, doesn't it??? Tastes veeeeeeeeeeeeery good!

I'll go back to the main topic. At the ice cream shop, surprisingly or naturally (????), we ordered all kinds!
Wow x 3! I couldn't choose one out of all delicious gelato.......... Hahahaha :)

Mission accomplished! :)

They serve seasonal limited ice cream, too. For example, we can enjoy cherry blossom & mugort flavors in the spring time↓ 

How about apple pie flavor in the winter time?

In the winter in 2013, they serve red bean and sake gelato↓ Yummy x 2!!

In the autumn in 2013,  they serve tomato sherbet↓

In front of Mt. Yotei and other mountains, we can enjoy their delicious ice cream in the season.

Beautiful, isn't is??

In the winter time, the scenery is like this↓

I love this place in each season!!

The open space in front of the shop has a small zoo like this.

The guests can use their playground equipment free of charge so that kids can also relax in this compound!

I really recommend this gelato shop!

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