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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Noboribetsu Grand Hotel (登別グランドホテル)②| Meals

I really love hot spring in Noboribetsu, which has as as many as seven kinds of hot spring, and is dubbed as a department store of hot spring!
I'm now staying at the "Noboribetsu Grand Hotel (登別グランドホテル)". After enjoying wonderful onsen or hot spring, we went to a dining room.

* If you are interested in the hot spring, please refer to Noboribetsu Grand Hotel (登別グランドホテル)①, my previous post→click here!

This is a dinning area↓

It looks like an ordinary hotel buffet, but something different....... Actually I chose this hotel this time because of a special event at the GRAND HALL (グランドホール).
I'll show it to you later!!!

Hokkaido reminds us of fresh seafood such as king crabs

Let's enjoy a local cuisine such as curry ramen, famous in Muroran City↓

Just deep-fried tempura is yummy x 2!!

If you like meat, how about Yongenton (四元豚),  a brand pork which is a well-marbled meat with high-quality fat?

We can enjoy local chicken steak and .............

juicy beef.

This is my first round. Have you noticed what kind of event is being held at this hotel?

The answer is a tuna filleting event (マグロの解体ショー)! How exciting it is!!!

A whole tuna is filleted on the spot!!!! I love the show!!

Fresh tuna is super delicious!!

One of my favorite parts is flesh on the spine (中落ち)↓ 

Of course we enjoyed it three times!

The second, the third round and .................... Hahaha!

Tuna really goes well with EXTRA COLD!!!

I love the special version of ASAHI SUPER DRY (アサヒスーパードライ), which is kept under 0C!!!

Actually I'm not interested in desserts after drinking, but they serve several kinds.

Good night

■Where is "Noboribetsu Grand Hotel (登別グランドホテル)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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