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Friday, March 29, 2013

Ari (パスタと地中海料理レストラン アリ)| Mediterranean Restaurant | Tobetsu (当別)

If you want to enjoy delicious Mediterranean food, I recommend "Ari (アリ)" in Tobetsu Town, 30 minutes away from Sapporo↓

This restaurant is located in the Sweden Hills (スウェーデンヒルズ), 2/3 of which is forest, and looks like a Swedish countryside.

The restaurant has a terrace, which is very recommendable especially at sunny and comfortable days!

Well, well, well, let's enter the restaurant! How cozy it is! 

Whenever I come here, I order the Ari set, because I want to eat both the main dish and pasta! Hahaha!

Their Focaccia is very tasty, and the ingredients are depending on the season. As it is very delicious, I bought a large one after finishing the meal. 

The appetizer was lotus root. How unique it is!

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally love their home-made smoked salmon, which tastes appropriately fatty and juicy! Please enjoy the texture and flavor!

Actually I don't usually select agnolotti at other restaurants, but their agnolotti is my favorite!! Of course the pasta is home-made and the cheese is also very yummy x 2!!!

Pork was used for Scaloppine! How juicy and savory it is! I was wondering how the chef cooked the meat. I've never eaten such tender pork! Buono!!

Last but nor least, we enjoyed the cake and almond ice cream with ...........

herb tea! We had a wonderful time on the weekend!

As I said, I bought a lump of Focaccia, and enjoyed it at home, too! Lucky me!!

■Where is "Mediterranean Restaurant Ari (パスタと地中海料理レストラン アリ)"? 

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