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Saturday, March 16, 2013

MILK KOBO (ミルク工房)| Ice Cream Parlor | Niseko

Niseko is famous for its powdery snow, and a lot of people enjoy skiing and snowboarding there, but do you know it is also famous for its milk? Today I'll introduce "MILK KOBO (ミルク工房)", one of the yummy x 2 ice cream parlors in this town, to you!

This shop is near Hilton Niseko Village (ヒルトンニセコビレッジ). Well, well, well, let's enter it!

Their ice cream is super x 2 delicious!! I always come here when I stay at Hilton Niseko Village! Am I addictive to their desserts? Hahaha!!

Look at the ice cream made of milk fresh from the cow and local vegetables & fruits! How wonderful it is!

This time I bought the milk soft ice cream! It tastes really milk! How appetizing it is!!

Actually this shop is famous not only for its ice cream, but also for its cream puff!!

After they get an order, they fill fresh custard into the puff! Perfect, isn't it?

Would you like to take one bite? Hahaha!

The custard is made of milk fresh from the cow that day only! I really love this very creamy custard!

I also recommend this yogurt drink!

Last but not least, I bought this fruit roll as a souvenir↓ It is a production-limited roll with dices of kiwi fruits, peaches,  raspberries .......

I fully enjoyed Niseko with my tour guests this time again!!!

■Where is "MILK KOBO (ミルク工房)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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