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Monday, March 18, 2013

Sushiya Koudai (すし屋高大)| Renga Yokocho (レンガ横丁)| Otaru

I dropped by Renga Yokocho (レンガ横丁), food stall complex in downtown Otaru, to eat delicious sushi tonight!

There are a lot of food stalls here, but

"Sushiya Koudai (すし屋高大)" is the best if you want to eat sushi!!!

Let's enter it!

Cheers! I ordered beer first!

This is Otooshi (お通し), an appetizing small dish seved as soon as customeres sits down. I love these two-year-old oysters caught off Saroma in Hokkaido, which taste very rich and dense!!!

Mixing the oysters with pepper and lemon juice, we appreciated the delicious fresh seafood!

I ordered the chef's special tonight!
First, Hakkaku rockfish was served. It was caught off Otaru. I love its texture!!

Tuna is a must at sushi bars, isn't it?

The chutoro is very delicious! I enjoyed comparing the previous tuna to this chutoro!

This mackerel was caught off Kyusyu, a southern part of Japan!

This gizzard shad was also caught off Kyusyu! Yummy x 2!!

The fishing site of sushi was returned to Hokkaido! This Sakhalin surf clam was caught off Tomakomai! Very tasting!!

The scallop was caught in Funka Bay. This is very thick and delicious!! Bravo!!

The glass shrimp was caught off Toyama Prefecture! Glass shrimps and firefly squids caught off the prefecture are very appetizing!

Drinking two glasses of beer, I ordered plum liquid, which made me more hungry! Hahaha!

This oyster was caught off Akkeshi. I love Kakiemon, an oyster brand there!

The sea urchin was caught off Hamanaka in Hokkaido, which is the best sea urchin in this season!!

After enjoying salmon eggs,

the egg was served!

We really enjoyed the sushi bar tonight! They serve delicious sushi at reasonable prices!!

■Where is "Sushiya Koudai (すし屋高大)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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