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Monday, March 18, 2013

Onuma Quasi-National Park (大沼国定公園) in the Winter Time

I often come to "Onuma Quasi-National Park (大沼国定公園)" throughout the year as a tour guide. Actually this park is my favorite because it has different characteristics in each season. Today I'll show you the park in the winter time.

Look at the pic below! Lake Onuma is covered with ice!

Mt. Komagatake (1,131m) in the spring time is of course beautiful, but

look at the romantic mountain capped with snow! I love it!

This is Kogetsukyo bridge (湖月橋) in the spring time, and

this is the same bridge in the winter time. As there are not a lot of people in this season, the park is very calm and peaceful.................

Tons of islands in the lake turn............

white like this! How beautiful they are!!

During the winter time, we can enjoy ice fishing in this park!

I love smelt tempura!!! Usually we cook it on the spot!!

 This is "Table De Rivage (ターブル・ドゥ・リバージュ)", my favorite western-style restaurant in the park.

It is famous for its beef stew,

but during the winter time, we can also enjoy Japanese dish sets in this restaurant, which are usually served at "Gengorou (源五郎)", its sister restaurant.

Looks very delicious, doesn't it?

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■Where is "Onuma Quasi-National Park (大沼国定公園)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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