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Monday, March 25, 2013

Ookami Soup (狼スープ)| Ramen Restaurant | Sapporo

There are a lot of delicious ramen restaurants in Sapporo, but actually "Ookami Soup (狼スープ)" is one of my favorite restaurants.

Let's enter it!

Although this is a miso ramen specialty restaurant (味噌らーめん専門店),  they serve shio or salt flavored ramen during the lunch hours.

Look at the ceiling! It is filled with a lot of autographs of celebrities, such as Yo Ooizumi (大泉 洋), my favorite actor,

Noriyuki Makihara (槇原 敬之), my favorite singer, and EXILE, my favorite dance unit.

Of course I ordered miso ramen↓ Looks simple, but tastes more than perfect!

Toppings are fried sweet cabbage, sliced leek,

and tender rib char siu! Yummy x 2!!!

The owner used to be bubbed as one of the "Three Sumire Musketeers (すみれ三銃士)". Sumire  (純連) located in Sapporo is very popular ramen restaurant throughout Japan, and he used to work there.
The soup is less oily than one in Sumire, but tastes very deep and rich! Very appetizing, isn't it?

The noodles really suit with the very tasty soup!

They have a different restaurant name at night, "Fukushima (白河の味 夜そば ふくしま)", serving Shirakawa ramen in Fukushima Prefecture!!! Unique system, isn't it? I have to go there again!

■Where is "Ookami Soup (狼スープ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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