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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hokkaido Gyunyu (Milk) Castella (北海道牛乳カステラ)| Spring Special Products 2013 | New Chitose Airport

The New Chitose Airport has a lot of attractive shops and cafes. If you like sweets and dairy, how about the "Hokkaido Gyunyu (Milk) Castella (北海道牛乳カステラ)"?

Freshly-baked delicious castella can be eaten at its cafe!! Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

How yummy is it? Mr. Hironobu Tsujiguchi (辻口 博啓), a popular Japanese pâtissier produces this shop. Now you understand I don't have to explain about how tasty the sponge cake is! Hahaha!

He carefully selects ingredients for the cake. All of them are produced in Hokkaido!

Well, well, well, I'll show you the cake first! Seeing (or eating) is believing!!

This is a cafe corner.

This is super-delicious castella!

They serve two sets; a coffee set and a milk set, and I definitely recommend a milk set! Why????

This is pasteurized and non-homogenized milk produced in "One Two Farm (ワンツー牧場)" in Akan (阿寒), Hokkaido. That's why it is very tasty and dense!! 

Please put this dense cake with ...............

non-sugar fresh cream!!! I love it!!

How do you like the castella rusk? This is available only at this shop!

They also serve castella parfait!

During the Spring season, they serve two seasonal specialty parfaits;

"Cherry Blossom Parfait (北海道牛乳カステラ桜パフェ)" and "Raspberry Parfait (北海道牛乳カステラフランボワーズパフェ"↓ Let's try both of them! Hahaha!

This is the "Cherry Blossom Parfait (北海道牛乳カステラ桜パフェ)"↓

The toppings include rice-flour dumplings (白玉) and cherry blossom-flavored bean paste! I felt as if I ate both Western-style sweets and Japanese-style sweets at the same time! How amazing it is!

Don't forget the "castella rusk (カステララスク)". How crispy and yummy it is!!

The body includes soft ice cream, cherry blossom sauce as well as dices of "cherry blossom castella (桜のカステラ)", a seasonal limited castella. Wonderful, isn't it?

Another seasonal limited parfait is ........................
"Raspberry Parfait (北海道牛乳カステラフランボワーズパフェ)"↓

I expected the raspberry sauce is sour first, but actually it is a little bit sweet.

The toppings include the "castella rusk (カステララスク)" and "chololate castella"! Wow! Wow! Wow!

The body includes dices of plain castella. The soft ice cream is very milky and not too sweet.

How do you like Orange parfait during the summer time in 2013?

Just for reference, they serve pumpkin parfait during the Halloween season! How cute it is!

Let's move to the shop section.
First, I'll show you this yummy x 2 "Hokkaido Gyunyu (Milk) Castella (北海道牛乳カステラ)", their flagship product

If you like production-limited sweets, how about the  "Sakegasu or sake cake (酒粕)"? The very soft castella contains sake cake, smelling distinctive aroma!

During the spring time, they also serve the "Cherry Blossom castella (桜のカステラ)". I hope this is a great souvenir in this season↓

When you come to the New Chitose AP, why don't you drop by this cafe, and fully enjoy the Hokkaido taste?

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