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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Table De Rivage (ターブル・ドゥ・リバージュ)| Cafe Restaurant | Onuma

Would you like to enjoy the perfect view and dishes by Lake Onuma? If so, I recommend "Table De Rivage (ターブル・ドゥ・リバージュ)"↓

As this cafe restaurant is located by Kogetsu Bridge (湖月橋),

we can enjoy picturesque scenery from the windows like this↓

The seat type is selectable among the three: normal seats in the restaurant,

terrace seats outside, and

cursing terrace seats on the lake!!!!

How about booking this special cruiser for your anniversary? Perfect, isn't it?

When you come here, I really recommend Onuma Beef (大沼牛), brand beef in this area.

We enjoyed the "Onuma beef stew set (大沼牛ビーフシチューセット) today, although this seasonable pasta set sounds wonderful! Hahaha!

Are you ready? It's show time!

This is not a normal mushroom soup! They use King Shiitake Mushroom (王様の椎茸), a brand shiitake mushroom for this potage! Super yummy x 2!!!

Homemade row bacon is on the very fresh salad picked today in this region! Perfect!

I really love this homemade pickles!! Can I have another helping??? Hahaha!

This is beef stew! Everybody in our tour group loved this perfect stew! The beef tastes very rich !!! It is so tender that we don't have to use knife for it!!

Are you interested in their dessert, too?
This homemade chocolate cake is not too sweet and very delicious!

Drinks are selectable; coffee or tea↓

After enjoying the lunch course, we walked around the restaurant. This area is filled with water lilies. I'm sure we can appreciate the flowers on the lake in late June to July!

This is the cruiser table! Next time, I'll definitely book it! Isn't it marvelous to enjoy delicious meal and wonderful scenery at the same time??

This picturesque lake and beautiful Mt. Komagatake (駒ケ岳) gave us a very relaxing time!

When you come here in the winter time, the scenery is like this↓

How romantic it is!

They serve winter special menu, which is available usually at "Gengoro (源五郎)", their sister restaurant, only.

How wonderful we can eat a Japanese lunch set in this restaurant!

Onuma Beef, a brand beef is a must, isn't it?

Do you know jyunsai (じゅんさい), water shields, floating-leaved aquatic plants? This clear, slimy, jelly-like substance is very yummy!!!

Smelts are caught in Lake Osuma.

I really recommend this restaurant every season!

■Where is "Table De Rivage (ターブル・ドゥ・リバージュ)"?

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Oyome-san said...

BUT chocolate cake that is "not too sweet"????? Chocolate cake should always, always ALWAYS be too sweet!!! That is the whole point of chocolate cake :-) Sushi can never be "too fresh" or strawberries "too juicy"!!!!!

K.K. said...

No, no, no!! Chocolate cakes are not always too sweet! If I enjoy it for tea time, I prefer sweet one, but after meal, I prefer not too sweet one.
And again, sushi is not always too fresh. Some chefs cook (slightly grill or vinegar) sashimi part. Some chefs use fish fresh from a fishing tank just before making sushi!
I always enjoy these subtle differences!

Alicia Q. said...

Hi Oyome-San,

I am from Singapore and was planning a trip to hokkaido this Dec with Hubby, I accidently visited your blog and gosh .. it is great. I appreciate your recommendation.
I am planning to visit the places of interest and was checking if Hokadate is worth visit till i came across Onuma Park where the Beef is well know. Will goggle to look for how to visit the place.

Alicia Q. said...

ops it KK San.. sorry got the name wrong. Apologise

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