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Friday, March 22, 2013

Masale Bis(マサールビス)| Chocolate Shop| Mitsui Outlet Park (三井アウトレットパーク)| Kitahiroshima (北広島)

When I came to the Mitsui Outlet Park with my tour guests the other day,↓

I dropped by  "Masale Bis(マサールビス)" sponsored by "Chocolatier Masale(ショコラティエマサール)", one of the popular chocolate shops in Sapporo. Actually their chocolate is very delicious, but a little bit expensive, but...........

Look at the price tag↓ 40% OFF! Yes!! Can you believe that we can eat their chocolate at reasonable prices?! How lucky we are!!

After enjoying chocolate shopping here, we moved to the cafe corner.

We ordered the white and black chocolate soft ice cream, the most popular sweets in this shop!! Yummy x 2!!! I love it!!

They also serve other chocolate desserts such as chocolate cakes

When I cut it.....................
Hot pumpkin & white chocolate sauce started to flow out!!!

■Where is "Mitsui Outlet Park (三井アウトレットパーク)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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