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Sunday, March 31, 2013

La locanda del pittore (ラ・ロカンダ・デル・ピットーレ)| Italian Restaurant | The Windsor Hotel TOYA

I've experienced wonderful restaurants as a tour guide, and this is one of my favorites! "La locanda del pittore (ラ・ロカンダ・デル・ピットーレ)", an Italian restaurant in cooperation with the Windsor Hotel TOYA(ザ・ウインザーホテル洞爺), is located on the hill, from which we can enjoy a wonderful scenery!

They hold a large stock of wine↓ Perfect location for a party!!!!

From the restaurant on the hill ..............................

Look at Lake Toya (洞爺湖)!!!! How beautiful it is!!! This is more picturesque than composite photos!!! Hahaha!

The menu is like this↓

We tried to order everything!!
My guests are from
and Hong Kong!
All of them are so excited with the party planned by me!

Until pizzas would be baked,

we enjoyed wines such as "VILLA ANTINORI TOSCANA 2007".  

One after another, the bottles were empty. Could the restaurant catch up with the speed? Race you to the goal!!!

Munch, munch, munch.........

■Marinara (マリナーラ)
First of all, we enjoyed the Marinara (マリナーラ)↓ I love this simple and delicious pizza!

■Pittore (ピットーレ
We should eat local mushrooms!

■Prosciutto Crudo (プロシュートクルード)
Uncured ham really goes well with wine!!

■Calzone (カルツォーネ)
The delicious tomato and Mozzarella ignited our appetite again!!

 A member found seasonal limited pizzas! Sounds wonderful!!

■Gorgonzola Miele (ゴルゴンゾーラミエーレ)
The dessert pizza is very tasty!! We love the local miele (or honey) and apples.

■Carbonara (カルボナーラ)
Don't forget the pasta! How creamy it is!!

As everyone scrambled to order pizza or pasta, I couldn't take pictures of all of the dishes!! Hahaha!

■Minestrone (ミネストローネ)
The local vegetables taste very rich and dense!!

■Clams steamed in white wine (貝の白ワイン蒸し)
Yummy yummy in our tummy! As the leader liked it very much, he ordered a clam soup, too!!

■Clam soup (貝のスープ)
Hokkaido seafood is really recommendable!

Oh!!! We also ordered beef steak? Yes, of course!!!

Our stomach must be huge like a black hole! We ordered it rare!

Last but not least, some of them enjoyed tiramisu (ティラミス).

As this is a tour planed by me not a travel agent, we could choose wonderful restaurants only! I'm so happy that they love my choices!!

■Where is "La locanda del pittore (ラ・ロカンダ・デル・ピットーレ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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