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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PRATIVO(プラティーヴォ)| Vegetable and Dessert Buffet | Niseko

Niseko (ニセコ) is famous for its powdery snow, fresh vegetables and milk. If you'd like to enjoy all of them at the same time, why don't you visit "PRATIVO(プラティーヴォ)", a local vegetable and dessert (dairy) buffet restaurant near Hilton Niseko Village (ヒルトンニセコビレッジ)?

It takes around 15 minutes on foot, or 5 minutes by shuttle bus from Hilton Niseko Village Hotel to the restaurant.

Look at the snow world. How beautiful it is!

Well, well, well, let's enter "PRATIVO(プラティーヴォ)"!

From the huge windows,

we can enjoy the wonderful nature!
(We should come back here in the summer time!!)

Main dishes are chosen among the four

and I ordered the shrimp tart (海老のタルト).

Actually it is smaller than what I expected.... Hahaha!

It comes with bread↓

Are you ready?
I'll show you the wonderful vegetable buffet!

All of them are local products, which taste very dense and yummy!

Don't forget the dessert corner!

What makes different from other buffet restaurants is we can eat desserts made at "Milk Kobo (ミルク工房→click here!)", a famous dairy dessert shop, in this restaurant! How lucky we are!!

This is custard pudding (特製プリン) made at the famous dairy shop! This is included in the buffet! Of course, I ate it a lot! How creamy it is!!

This is milk rice cake (ミルク餅), which tastes unique..... Hahaha!

Look at the sponge cake (お乳かすていら) made of fresh milk! It is supper delicious! Am I in the heaven to be able to eat such yummy yummy desserts without going to Milk Kobo???

You must be surprised at the drink selections. Guess what?
Yogurt drink made by Takahashi Farm (高橋農場), which provides fresh milk for Milk Kobo, is also included at the buffet! Wow! Wow! Wow!

The location is perfect!
The vegetables are perfect!
The desserts are perfect!

We really enjoyed the restaurant!
(If you are interested in "Milk Kobo (ミルク工房)", please refer to my other post→click here!

■Where is "PRATIVO(プラティーヴォ)" and "Milk Kobo (ミルク工房)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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