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Thursday, March 28, 2013

siretoko sky sweets (シレトコスカイスイーツ)| Ice Cream & Baked Donut Stand | New Chitose Airpot

There are a lot of attractive sweets shops in the New Chitose Airport. If you like milk soft ice cream and baked donuts, I recommend "siretoko sky sweets (シレトコスカイスイーツ)"↓

Look at the poster, saying "I'm not so sweet. Don't say anything, gentlemen. Just eat "Salt Soft Ice Cream!" (俺はそんなに甘くない。男は黙って、しおソフト。)
Interesting poster, isn't it?

Naturally I ordered the salt soft ice cream!
Well, well, well...............
It tastes very ocean, and I felt a "unique aftertaste"............

One of the main products here is "siretoko donuts (シレトコドーナッツ)", yummy yummy baked donuts
"Hokkaido milk (北海道ミルク)" is the most popular donuts in this shop.

I've found cute and handy versions↓
"Corocoro green/ blue/ pink (コロコログリーン・ブルー・ピンク)" can be perfect snacks on the airplane!!!

Look at the champion combination↓
Their very milky gelato and the cute baked donuts can be eaten at the same time!!!

Of course I ordered "Kumagoron soft ice cream (クマゴロンソフト)"↓
The gelato is not too sweet and tastes very milk. I really recommend it!
The Kumagoron (くまゴロン), cute baked donuts, is very fluffy and very delicious!!! Perfect♡, isn't it?

Good by, Hokkaido!! See you soon!

When you use the New Chitose AP, why don't you drop by this ice cream and baked donuts stand to enjoy the yummy yummy desserts?

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