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Saturday, April 13, 2013

CHET bakery (チェト ベイカリー)| Ebetsu

Using this weekend, we went to "CHET bakery (チェト ベイカリー)", a popular bakery in Ebetsu, where almost all bread are usually sold out until the noon!

As we arrived here 10 minutes before it is open, we walked around this area, but this is not a good decision!!! When we came back here again, there was already a long queue before the cashier!!

Baguette here looks so delicious!! 

So do sweetened buns!

As all my friends recommend their croissant, we ate the freshly-baked ones at a car just after buying them!! Hahaha! I love the flour and butter flavor!!

Well, well, well, it's time for lunch!
I love this Danish pastry with ham and cheese, but I strongly recommend this apple pie! The balance between juicy apple and flaky pie is perfect!

I also bought seasonal limited bread; apricot bread with cheese, and a green tea cream bun! Don't forget their standard baquett with raisins! Yummy x 2!!

These cinnamon croissants are supposed to be for breakfast tomorrow, but they are already gone!! Hahaha!

They use appropriate and different Hokkaido flour depending on the bread! Wonderful!!
After enjoying their delicious bread, we went to a Japanese sweets cafe near this bakery!!

■Where is "CHET bakery (チェト ベイカリー)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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