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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

TOYA SUN PALACE (洞爺サンパレス)| Hotel | Lake Toya

If you are looking for a reasonable hotel, but want ot enjoy beautiful scenery and hot spring in Lake Toya are, how about "TOYA SUN PALACE (洞爺サンパレス)"?
This used to be a very popular hotel especially in the 70's, but there are a lot of new hotels constructed one after another around this area, and the hotel rates right now are not high.

From the lobby area and rooms,

This hotel is located by Lake TOYA (洞爺湖). We can enjoy the beautiful scenery anytime you want! How fantastic it is!!

This is my room↓, which looks a little bit old-fashioned, maybe very popular in the 60's and 70's. Anyway, we enjoyed this lake-view room very much!

 Let's go to a dining area!

What the hotel is unique is they use a lot of cheap but delicious local ingredients that we cannot eat except this area. I like this concept.
They have a steak corner, and

a sushi corner like other hotels, but ............

they also have a Suffork stew corner. Is it difficult to find such a local stew corner in other hotels, isn't it? We love this brand lamb!

How about whelk?
This is a typical soul food in Hokkaido!

This area is very famous for its fresh and delicious vegetables.

The tomatoes tastes very dense and rich!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Can we eat mochi , or sticky rice cake, in this season? How lucky we are!

Usually we eat ozouni, or mochi soup (お雑煮) only during the New Years.

The freshly-baked bread service is good!

Although they serve ordinal types of desserts,

I love this baked apple, which was produced in this area! Yummy x 2!!!

Did I eat too much? Hahaha!

Just for reference, group tours often enjoy a set menu like this in a Japanese tatami room↓

After eating dinner, we went to ......................
the huge swimming pool! As their TV commercial says, "this is a hot spring paradise, biggest in the space (ここはお風呂の遊園地。なんてったって宇宙一!)". Hahaha!

Let's go to a hot spring area, too!

The area is as big as the dinning area!!!

I've found a unique one! I tried the "Whirlpool hot spring (うず巻風呂)", and enjoyed exercising there!

There are a lot of interesting hot spring, but I love this traditional outdoor hot spring just by the lake the best! Lake Toya is in front of us!! How soothing the onsen is!!!

This hotel is a little bit decrepit, but considering the hotel rate, it can be one of the choices in this area.

■Where is "TOYA SUN PALACE (洞爺サンパレス)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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