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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fuwa Mochi Tei (ふわもち邸)| Bagel/ Doughnut Shop | Sapporo

I really love bagels and doughnuts. Some of my friends recommend this small but delicious shop↓ in a normal residential area, which looks like a typical house, not a shop if there is no signboard. Of course, there are no parking lots for customers.
We cannot reach there without a car navigation system. Sounds like a hiding place, doesn't it? Hahahah!

A small part of the private house is renovated as a shop. It is, I guess, as small as 2m x 2m!

What should I buy? Everything? That's a good idea! Just kidding!

Well, I'll buy some bagels for tomorrow's breakfast! Can I wait until tomorrow? (No, I cannot!)

After all I bought two bagels and two doughnuts.

■Tuna mayonnaise corn (Bagel)
I looooooooooooove it. This bagel is elastic and soft! I asked the owner why it is delicious. He answered, "because we use Hokkaido flour".
Is it the answer? There are a lot of bakery which use the same flour, but this bagel is very special!!!

See? This delicious bagel is filled with my favorite tuna!

■Root vegetable salad (Bagel)
I like burdock root salad! Sounds very delicious to me, but I know some of you have never eaten burdock roots. Come to Japan and try them! The vegetable is rich in vitamin B & E and dietary fibers!

Yummmmmy! The roots and carrots are cut into strips, boiled and mixed with mayonnaise.

■Milk (Doughnut)
It's soft and soft and soft!!
Simple but delicious! I'll buy it next time, too!

■Chocolate chocolate (Doughnut)
If you love chocolate, you must love this doughnut! It's not too sweet. I love it!

It contains chocolate chips inside! I love this soft chewy doughnut!

I instantly got to love the doughnuts and bagels here.If you are interested in this shop, I recommend you to get to there just after it opens at 9:00. The popular item are quickly sold out!

I took this menu and read it at home.
Oh! It has a cafe in Shin-Sapporo area! I have to go!!!  

I'm really happy to find this small but yummy bagel/boughnut shop!
I love this "secret" shop!

■Where is Fuwa Mochi Tei?

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■Tour guide information■
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