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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great Seafood & Beautiful Sunrise in Monbetsu

I'm now in Monbetsu, a coastal city, in the eastern part of Hokkaido.
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I can see the Okhotsk Sea from the hotel I'm staying!
Great location, isn't it?

I've found a cute manhole cover! Look at this! It has a pretty fur seal!

First, I visited "Dezuka-Suisan",  a kamaboko, or deep-fried fish paste, shop near the hotel.

There are a lot of  prefried kamaboko in the shop.

First you pick up your favorite ones,

and they deep-fry the paste so that we can enjoy hooooooooooooooooot kamaboko!

I chose
・kamaboko with sausage
・kamaboko with octopus
・kamaboko with crab meat
・kamadoko with cheese



Then I went to a fish store near the kamaboko shop and enjoyed chatting with the owner for a while! I love fish and seafood! The owner said, "Plz come to my seafood restaurant adjacent to this fish store." Sounds great!

This is his restaurant, "Yotteke-Marutomi".

This is a Japanese-style izakaya!

I ordered a seafood bowl set! Look at this freshwater clam soup!
It's HUGE!

I love seafood!

GIGANTICbotanebi prawn

Do you like the inside of the head shell? I love it! It goes well with sake or beer!



■Japanese flounder

I wasn't tired yesterday, but  I went to bed very early and got up at 3:30AM in order to see a beautiful sunrise this morning! The clouds are a little thick....................

But look at a wonderful sunrise!!!!!!

The sun is rising!

Actually, I'll come back here again next week. I hope I'll be able to see a beautiful sunrise without any thick clouds at that time! Wish me luck!!!!

■Tour guide information■
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