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Friday, May 06, 2011

Apple Pies Fresh from Oven@Kitakarou (北菓楼) in Sunagawa

Hokkaido has a lot of delicious sweet shops including Rokkatei and ROYCE'. This shop, Kitakarou, is one of them. We went to Sunagawa to eat its great sweets today.

There is a nice garden next to the shop and we can relax, eating its recommendable sweets!

Kitakarou is so popular that a lot of TV programs features it!

And they won the grand prize in "Sapporo Sweet 2011 Competition"! Wow! Congratulations!

Its Baumkuchen is very recommendable! I tried some pieces on the table! They use fresh Hokkaido eggs, milk and flour only. Hokkaido is a so-called "agricultural and dairy paradise"!

This is also its leading product. This baked rice cracker series has several flavors, including scallop, squid, and salmon! Hokkaido is also famous for fisheries!

Look at this! We've found a cute apple pie!!!! Today, May 5th, is a children's day in Japan. I recommend this as a present to your son or grandson! Why?????

It is customary for families with a boy to display carp streamers outside their house on this national holiday! The pie is just like the streamer, isn't it?

I've found a new product!!! I should try it :)

Don't miss ice cream! I love Yubari melon flavor!

Kitakarou reminds me of this cream puff! This W cream, custard and fresh cream, is veeeeeeeeeery pleasant to the palate!!!

We love this soft ice cream, too!

Last, but not least, today we came here to eat this apple pies fresh from oven! We checked the baking time in advance and stood in line to get them!

This is freshly baked, very crispy and juicy!!! ! HOT, HOT, HOT!! That's why this pie crust  is flaky!

I enjoyed this sweet tour!

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