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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Fukuro-no-Yu (ふくろふ乃湯)| Hot Spring and Vegetable Stall (Fresh Asparagus) | Tobetsu near Sapporo ♨

We went to Tobetsu town to enjoy onsen or hot spring yesterday♨
(*♨ is a sign of hot spring in Japan)

My favorite onsen is near this tiny train station.

It looks like a toy house, doesn't it?
Hahahaha :)

This is my favorite onsen,"Fukurou no Yu (ふくろふ乃湯)", which means hot spring of owls.
Actually this is surrounded by wonderful nature!

At the entrance, they sell fresh local vegetables!
Tobetsu is an agricultural town and its vegetables taste sweeter and full-flavored!
Soil around here is fertile!

They were picked three hours ago! Looks, sounds, tastes very fresh!

I bought white asparagus because white ones are available only in the early spring season :)

Well, we enjoyed hot spring here!
Onsen areas and rooms for men and women are switched everyday and we enjoyed the right onsen.♨
This is an outdoor onsen♨↓

It's not a big onsen, but it's very cozy.
Look at the small water fall!

This water is good for our skin.
We can get 5 years younger whenever we take this onsen :)
I believe it is much much better than expensive lotion like SKⅡ♨

There's still snow on the hillside.

This is indoor onsen♨↓
The water looks black, but actually it is oolong tea colour!

Even on the weekends, this onsen is not crowded. That's way we can relaxed♨ and I love it!
Of course, the quality of water is very high and this onsen keeps us warm even two hours after we take it♨

At home, we boiled and ate this fresh asparagus.

We were very happy to eat such a seasonal food!
Feel very spring, don't you?

We didn't need any dressing for asparagus because of its rich taste!
I think natural salt goes well with fresh vegetables!

■Where is Tobetsu town?
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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


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