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Saturday, April 30, 2011

La Pecora (ラ・ペコラ)| Italian Restaurant (Milk Lamb) | Takikawa

The milk lamb season  has just begun now!
Takikawa is famous for lamb and we went to the city yesterday to enjoy the meat! It takes 1 hrs from Sapporo to Takikawa by car.

What is milk lamb?
It's meat of baby lambs which just drink their mother's milk. That's way the meat is available only in the spring time !

We visited "La Pecora (ラ・ペコラ)", an Italian restaurant in Takikawa↓

It was crowded with a lot of customers!

We ordered the milk lamb full-course :)

■Loin & liver sashimi (raw meat)
Sounds very Japanese, doesn't it?

I love the liver sashimi, dipping with some salt or perilla leaves & garlic!

■Consomme (bone &  gristle)

■Green salad with black rice
I love it!

■Stewed organ meat with beans
This is Mr. Tender! Hahahaha!

■Pasta with some shrimps & field mustard

Field mustard is famous here in Takikawa!
I felt the spring time!

■Grilled milk lamb (three parts: rib, leg, and rack)

I love the rib the best!
But all of them were tender & delicious :)

■Brain soup
It's very creamy!!!
I really recommend it :)

Why is lamb famous in Takikawa?
It' related to the city's history.
Takikawa has the oldest livestock experimental station in Hokkaido and local people here has long eaten lamb.
Gingisukan is one of the popular local dishes in Hokkaido.

■Where is "La Pecora (ラ・ペコラ)"?

■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Oyome-san said...

Interesting! Part of me (brain) is repulsed by the whole idea of eating a young animal....but the bigger part of me (my stomach...) LOVES lamb...was this a WHOLE course?? All these dishes for one person? Or did you photograph someone else's food too? How much is it?

K.K. said...

Interesting, isn't it?
Plz believe me the brain soup is really delicious!!! I really recommend it!!
The course including the whole pics is for one person & 7,000 yen :)
I really enjoyed the meal♪

Oyome-san said...

brain soup...................okaaayyyyyyyyyyyy.....I think that would rank with a squid eye that I ate in Hakodate a few years ago..........the waitress told me it was a local speciality...and then I came back to Sapporo and I haven't met ANYONE yet who has eaten a squid eye! I think they like to con the tourists!

K.K. said...

Okaaayyyyyyyyyyyy means you are really interedted in the brain soup :)
And you've found the "ANYONE" here :)

Well, try it and judge it. The shop in Hakodate, I'm afraid, coned you, but once you try it, you get crazy about the soup!
I'm sure I'll try it next spring!

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