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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kirari (和菜輝 きらり)| Japanese Restaurant | A Delicious Dinner with a Wonderful Night View | Sapporo

I'm sorry not to update this blog for a while.
I went to Turkey for 10 days...........

Well, the other day, we went to one of  my favorite restaurants, "Kirari", on a mountainside in Sapporo.

The owner is so friendly that we enjoyed the dinner!

Look at this!
A suit of armor was decorated at the entrance! Looks very Japanese!
I love Sake! Just after I saw this selection, I instantly got excited!

Look at the night view! Very beautiful, isn't it?

This is our dinner course.

Look at this!
When we took the paper................,
This tomato was very sweet & we enjoyed vinegared salmon part!
Of course, Tsubu shellfish, local seafood, was wonderful!

This sea bream was very fresh!
I love sashimi!

I really recommend this grilled cod!

Do you have any idea what it is?
This is soft roe of cod!
It's very creamy and fresh!

Here comes a hot stone set!

We enjoyed a local beef steak and vegetable!

This is steamed sea bream paste.
It's very soft!

This is steamed Japanese clam with sake!
It's very juicy!

We also enjoyed soba noodles, or buckwheat noodles!

Last, but not least...........
Hokkaido is famous for ice cream!

We really enjoyed the dinner set!
Why don't you come to Sapporo and enjoy wonderful food in Hokkaido!

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