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Friday, August 16, 2013

Ikiunagi (活鰻)| Eel Specialty Restaurant (活うなぎ専門店)| Sapporo

Today I'll show you one of my favorite eel specialty restaurants in Atsubetsu ward (厚別区). Actually, we, Japanese, have a custom to eat grilled eels in the summer time to get energy!

"Ikiunagi (活鰻)" keeps fresh eels all the time, and serves very delicious grilled eels (鰻のかば焼き)!!!

Let's enter it!

This is the menu. What should I order?? I want to eat everything! Hahaha!

The chef is very talkative, and has a good sense of humor!

After guests order the dishes, he picks up one of the dancing eels in the tank,

cuts them, gets rid of the bones, and

char-grills them in front of the guests. How exciting!!

This is "Kobushi set (こぶし)". Does it look appetizing??

Actually there are two layers of grilled eels!! Yes, the other one is in the rice!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

This is "Hitsumamushi (ひつまむし)"↓

Finely-cut eels are on the rice.

I really love it! Yummy x 2!!!
OK, I'll show you how to eat it.

First of all, mix rice and eels very well like this.

We are supposed to eat it in three ways.
First, eat it as it is. Yummy x 2!!!

Secondly, put some condiments such as minced laver seaweed and green onions on the eel rice. Although the base is the same, it tastes very different! How interesting it is!

Last but not least, pour broth over it. Don't forget to put small amount of wasabi horseradish on the rice!

How do you like it?
I really love Hitsumabushi!!

■Where is "Ikiunagi (活鰻)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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