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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kitchen Farm Yard | Farm Restaurant | Blueberry-Picking | Yuni

Yuni, 30 mins away from Sapporo, is an agricultural town and has a lot of delicious restaurants using their local products.
Today I'll show you "Kitchen Farm Yard", one of my favorite farm restaurants in the town. Let's go through a green arch or

a flower arch!

You will find a popular farm restaurant in front of you!

There's nothing but vegetable and fruit fields around the restaurant. I love this location♪

Let's go upstairs! I love this waiting area between their cafe and restaurant.

This is a restaurant floor.

You can enjoy meals on its terrace, looking at the beautiful scenery!

Their vegetable dishes are very delicious because the owner is a farmer and uses their freshly-picked vegetables.
We ordered tempura, soup curry set and a quiche set, all of which are cooked in the limited number. Dressing for salad and the kind of rice can be chosen among several kinds first.

The yellow tomatoes are very sweet and the herb dressing really suits these delicious vegetables!

■Normal white rice mixed with black rice
Black rice has distinctive flavor and I love it!

■Soup curry (soya beans)
It has a lot of kinds of vegetables,

and a lot of beans like this↓

■Tomato tempura
It was delicious, but very HOT! When you order it, please be careful!!

Actually it was the first time to eat "tomato" tempura, but it is very recommendable! Please try to cook it at home!

■Quiche set
I chose tomato dressing. I like it better than herb dressing!
Actually this quiche is really BIG!

I put my iPhone beside the quiche so that you can imagine how huge it is. See!! It's HUGE!

I love this rich-tasted vegetables on this very crispy pie! I'm sure I'll be back to eat this quiche!!!

On the first floor there is a cafe like this↓

 You can buy the vegetables grown in Farm Otsuka, the owner's farm.

We bought the yellow tomatoes called "Aiko". I'm sure we cannot buy such delicious tomatoes in normal supermarkets.

They have home-made jam and

seasonable fruits such as blue berries in the summer time.

But look at the home-made cakes and pies!!! All of them are made with fruits and vegetables grown in their farm! Looks very delicious!!!

■Blueberry tart/ Raspberry tart

■Blueberry tube cake/ Japanese yam tube cake
Japanese yam cake? Isn't it very special???

■Pumpkin cheese tart/ baked cheese cake with blue berries/ Chocolate cake/ Carrot cake
The carrot cakes look very cute!

■Cheese tart with rhubarb/ Gateau chocolat/ Apple pie
I'm interested in rhubarb cheese tart!!!

■Rare cheese pie with blue berries/ Raspberry pie
Look yummy x 2!!!

■Blackchokeberry tart/ Oats cake/ Pumpkin pudding/ milk pudding with blueberry source
Blackchokeberries are popular fruits around this area.

 Among these, we chose apple pie↓

and raspberry pie!! Both of them are really good♪ I love their crispy pies and fresh fruits!!

If you have time, you can enjoy picking  fruits in Farm Otsuka. The kind of fruits depends on the season and this time we can enjoy blueberry-picking!

Several kinds of blueberries are grown in this field and

we enjoyed all of them for one hour!

When we looked up the sky, we could clearly see airplane track by chance! What a lovely day it is!

■Where is "Kitchen Farm Yard"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


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