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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unagi Futaba (二葉) | Eel Restaurant | Sapporo

"Unagi Futaba" is the most famous long-established eel restaurant in Sapporo.

I love this very Japanese facade! The noren, a short curtain, says ”char-grilled eel", looking very delicious♪
Let's enter the restaurant!

There is a water jar at the entrance like this↓ You can choose a table or a tatami seat, and we chose the later one.

This is an eel specialty-restaurant, which has a lot of eel dishes.

For example.....
  • Unadon (a bowl of rice topped with char-grilled eel)
  • Unajyu (a box of rice topped with char-grilled eel ) - six grades: chu (middle) 2,100 yen to tokudai (super-jumbo) 4,500 yen
  • Nakairijyu (layered unajyu) - two grads
  • Kabayaki Gohan (char-grilled eel and rice) - five grades
  • Shirayaki Gohan (char-grilled eel without say sauce-favored sauce and rice) - five grades
  • Kabayaki (char-grilled eel only) - five grades
  • Shirayaki (char-grilled eel without say sauce-favored sauce)
  • Kimoyaki (char-grilled eel liver)
  • Kimosui (eel liver soup)
  • Uzaku (vinegared eel and cucumber)
  • Unawasa (eel mixed with wasabi and say sauce)
  • Hitumabushi (bowl of rice topped with cut-eel and condiments & soup)
Look at the call bell! Very Japanese and cute! 

First, the pickles are served. They cook eel after getting an order, we have to wait for a while. I know we have to wait, but our table was near the kitchen, from which the delicious smelling fume was coming............ I couldn't stand it! Hahaha!!

This is "tokudai", the highest grade of unajyu. Look at the lid and the box! The eel were TOO GIGANTIC to close the box completely!!!!

Have you ever seen such HUGE ell so far?

And very THICK!

Do you wanna eat it?

This is "tokujyo", the third highest grads of unajyu in the restaurant. The lacquered box is "completely" covered with the lid :-)

Look at the shiny delicious char-grilled eel!!

This is "appropriately" thick and has moderate fat!

I love it! I like it better than "tokujyo" personally.

The set includes this eel soup, too. Yummy x 2!!

I really recommend the long-established eel restaurant, which is near the downtown of Sapporo.

■Where is "Unagi Futaba(うなぎ二葉)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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