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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rausu Daiichi HoteI (らうす第一ホテル)| Hot Spring Inn | Shiretoko

Shiretoko is designated as a World Natural Heritage site and very popular sightseeing spot in Japan. If you want to stay in Rausu, a town on the eastern side of the Shiretoko Peninsula, how about "Rausu Daiichi Hotel"?

This hotel is located in a mountainous area and dead-quiet by Japanese standards.

Of fairly recent construction, this inn, while not spectacular, was a very nice place to stay. When we arrived at the hotel, the staff members kindly welcomed us!

One of the symbol animals around here is the Blakiston's fish owls↓

They decorated the owls in their lobby area.

In front of the lobby, we've found an interesting spot. Let's go!!!

This is ashiyu: a hot spring for feet only. We enjoyed here for a while, chatting each other.

The natural mineral water really relaxed us!!!

Look at these! they are making boiled eggs with the hot natural water! We call the boiled egg "hot spring egg"; which is slowly boiled so that the yolk is hard but the white is still soft. Yummy x 2!!!

The hotel has Japanese rooms like this↓and Western-type rooms. They also have some washing machines so that you can stay here for a long time.

Takaing our time for a while, we moved to a restaurant in the hotel and enjoyed dinner!

■Shasimi including local salmon, shrimp, and hokki; Sakhalin surf clam
The salmon caught around here is very delicious!

■Cooked scallop, hairy crab, and grilled salmon
All of them are of course local products.

■Wild vegetables

Hizu Namasu; vinerard soft bone of salmon
This is a local dish in Hokkaido. We enjoyed the texture!
This is traditional Japanese dish; steamed custard with vegetables.

■Vinegared octopus
We love the chewy texture!

■Scallop soup
Delicious seafood soup is coming from the scallop!!!!!

■Venision stew!!!!
We ate shika deer stew!!! It is delicious, but we encountered a lot of wild shika deer around here and had a mixed feeling. Hahahaha!!!

The meat was very tender!

■Grilled Hokke; Atka mackerel with vegetables
We called this kind of dish "Chan-chan-yaki". Usually we use salmon or hokke with special miso source.

Do you want to eat this local dish?

■Hokkai shimaebi prawn
This seasonable prawn is caught around this area only! We are so lucky to eat it!!

After enjoying the dinner, we went to a hot spring area in the hotel.

This is an inner bath. The water includes a lot of minerals and very nice, especially after a long trip over the mountains.

This is an outdoor bath↓ We felt nice breeze while soaking in the hot natural water!

Surprisingly, there is a REAL outdoor bath called "Kuma-no-Yu (熊の湯)", which means hot spring for bears, near the hotel. Well, let's go!

It is located in the mountain and everybody can enjoy it free of charge!

You can see the beautiful ocean from this hot spring site.

■ Reference ■
If you are interested in Kuma-no-Yu and the situation in the fall, please refer to my other posts!
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■Where is "Rausu Daiichi Hotel (らうす第一ホテル)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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