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Monday, August 22, 2011

Moerenuma Park (モエレ沼公園)| Sapporo

Moerenuma Park was designed by Isamu Noguchi, a world-famous Japanese American artist. The playground equipment, outdoor sport fields, as well as objects in the park are also his art works.

Construction of the park was begun in 1988, and opened in 2005. The park has won a number of awards including the Good Design Award in 2002.

I'll show you some of the popular areas in the park.

■Forest of Cherry Trees
In this area, there are seven playgrounds.

 All of them are interconnected by paths.

This area is always packed with a lot of children like this↓

■Moere Beach
A shallow pond is installed in the middle of this gentle, cone-shaped site, and paved with coral.

■Play Mountain
The mountain is 30m high and creates the major form for the entire park.

The one side of the slope is made of granite like this↓

 When you climbed the slope,

you can enjoy the wonderful landscape in the comfortable breeze.

■Tetra Mound
The stainless steel surface that was completed to resemble Isamu Nogushi's fountain works in Detroit shows different expressions with changing lighting.

■Music Shell
The hemispheric structure is in a circular stage approximately 15m in diameter. Inside of the building are anteroom for performers and restrooms.

■Aqua Plaza
Water springs forth form Aqua Plaza and slowly flows in tho the about 150-m long canal.

People can dangle their feet and contact with water↓

■Sea of Fountain
At its maximum height, the fountain can reach 25m.

Isamu had been studying fountains all his life.

■Glass pyramid "HIDAMARI"
Serving as the symbol of this park, Glass pyramid is the central facility.

This facility accommodates a gallery introducing sculptor Isamu Noguchi works with visuals and books as well as a multipurpose space that serves as a place for citizens' cultural activities. When we went there, the classical music concert was held in the atrium↓

You can buy his lightning works in the shop↓

If you're hungry, why don't you eat delicious food at a French restaurant named "L'enfant qui rev" in the facility?

All of the ingredients here are produced in Hokkaido.

If you're interested in this French restaurant, please refer to my next post→click!

You can enjoy the spray of water in front of the pyramid.

■Mt. Moere
This 62m mountain represents the only mountain landmark in the northeastern part of Sapporo.

From the summit, you can overlook not only the entire Moerenuma Park,

but also the entire city of Sapporo.

Visitors can enter the park, use the parking lot for free and can rent a bike at the entrance of the park.

■Where is "Moerenuma Park"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Anonymous said...

Hello KK !
I am happy to read again your blog.
Wonderful park with the French touch !! LOL !
"L'enfant qui rève" Why the children is like that ? Because the park is mervellous !!

K.K. said...

>Yes, Very Eminent and Splendid!
Do you love this park, too? Actually I went there with my tour guests today again. I'm so happy that they really enjoyed this park.
Children can be like that, because the park has everything that they can be happy!!!
Your Map Girl♪

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